About Us

To Be Honest Cards is a small business inspired to create products that help people connect more deeply with themselves and others. We originally started with handmade cards with heartfelt messages, ranging from apology, conflict, sympathy, loss, LGBTQ pride, mental disorder support, and more. These cards can be viewed and purchased on our website or at the Etsy shop. The next passion project is creating diaries, journals, and books to help regulate and embrace difficult emotions. To ensure everything we create feels unique and made by an actual person, we hand-painted all artwork using watercolors and acrylics.


I am a stay-at-home mom of two under five; I have a bachelor's degree in communications and a passion for all things related to psychology and social change. I believe one of my purposes on earth is to advocate for the unseen and help heal what's broken emotionally. To Be Honest Cards may be a small step in that direction.

Eating Diary

The Eating Diary is a journal-style tool for people who struggle with food anxiety, body issues, or eating disorders. It includes several sections designed to process negative emotions, including daily check-ins, thought exercises, affirmations, journaling, inspirational words, and others. All of the artwork is hand-painted with watercolors by the creator.